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What Makes BIW A Never-before Project to Invest in Hyderabad

Post on May 15, 2022

Tukkuguda has everything that you are looking for in luxury villas. From luxurious amenities and leisure spots to a society striving for sustainability, It is one of the most promising areas to invest in Hyderabad. Tukkuguda Real Estate is picking up speed with new and innovative projects.

Bliss in the Woods project in Tukkuguda brings you the best of both, sustainability and connectivity. Let’s explore, what makes the Bliss In the Woods a rewarding investment option.

Eco-Tourism Park

You can take a walk in the eco-tourism park spread across 450-acres and let the ambiance lift your mood. Eye feasting views and alluring aromas of flowers and planets will soothe your senses and relax your body.

During sunset, we bet you can’t take your eyes off the field. Morning and evening walks in the park will resemble paradise on earth.

Organic Farm Food

You can say goodbye to pesticides and other chemicals by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that came from organic farming. Organic foods in the BIW let you live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Apart from chemical-free food, organic farming helps in improving soil fertility and biodiversity. Organic farming is a crucial part of communities striving for sustainability.

Customize Your Way

The Bhosho Design Group will turn your ideas into an architectural masterpiece at Bliss in the Woods. You can customize your luxury villas with plenty of affluent amenities.

Villa customization has a special appeal for investors looking for luxury villas in Hyderabad. Let your personality shine brighter with these customized villas.

Affluent Amenities

From luxurious swimming pools to outdoor barbeque sets, BIW villas will offer a world of affluent amenities for you. Step out and make every day special with an amphitheater, farmhouse, and clubhouse.

Theme parks and pet parks will make your kids and their pets jump around with joy. You can kick back and enjoy nature’s enchanting presence. A vacation becomes your neighborhood with these affluent amenities.

Well-established Connectivity

One of the perks of investing in Tukkuguda Real Estate projects is well-established highway connectivity. You can reach Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in less than 20 minutes. National Highway 765 will make your traveling effortless to nearby cities.

Bliss in the Woods at Tukkuguda will bring an eco-friendly environment and urban lifestyle together. It offers the best of both sustainability and connectivity for its investors.

It’s your time to reap these benefits, Come and Explore!