A Masterpiece by the Principal Architects | Luxury Villas Hyderabad

Post on August 15, 2021

Tell us something! What makes a home more than a dream home? Yes, you have pictured a home that perfectly goes with your unique taste of design, personal choice and lifestyle desires. But how far is it possible to bring it alive? Hang in there. Let’s see if you can picture your dream home now!

Get ready to know what Bliss In the Woods (Tukkuguda, Hyderabad) has for you. A masterpiece from the minds of the Finest Architects - The Bhosho Design Firm. When it comes to dream homes, you would never settle for less. And so, we have something like never before for you - and we bet you would fall in love!

Villas Planned, Conceptualised and Built by Architects

From conceiving the villa plans in the middle of far-stretched untouched greens to sketching, conceptualising and building nature-inspired villas - it’s from the expert architects. The villa concepts at BIW (Bliss In The Woods) are designed with extreme luxury of space in mind.

Without a single compromise, Architects have coupled design practicality with sustainability to leave you in wonder for a lifetime. A gated villa community in Hyderabad like BIW is set to influence your life for a green and self-reliant future.

Architect’s Planning For Abundance of Space

Live in utter luxury with just 350 villa plots amidst lush greenery, as your villa turns into your private island. You get 6+ acres of open space to call it your own. Adding to this, your parking space is king-sized to match up to your villa.

At BIW, space gets spacious with sensible designing and a unique design perspective from the Pro Architects. Bringing the best of nature right beside your villa and amplifying the essence of it with extreme luxury of space - where a breath of fresh air revives you and sets you up for the day!

Picturesque Villa Designs Next to Nature

Now, this is where we expect you to go WOW because villas at BIW are conceived next to forest lands and eco-tourism park. Architects have sensibly crafted villa plans and landscape designs to make nature your neighbor.

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking scenes of sky and the open greens. Luxury villas at BIW are studded with stunning views of open sky and greens. These rare and unique villa plans at BIW are picturesque right from the roads that lead you home to your villa internals and rooftop.

Half-Customizable Villa Designs Like Never Before

This is happening for the first time ever that you get to choose how your home sweet can look! The architect firm is going to sketch a design taking his design expertise into view and will top it with your preferences to exceed your expectations.

The Bhosho Design Firm is going to make your villa picture-perfect while painting your home just the way you want it. The custom-made villas at BIW are built after sketching the details of the floor plans, space plans and external design to influence your style of living in the most aesthetic and appealing way.

Far-out Amenities with Nature-at-its-best

BIW has more than what you were looking for. Starting from extra large parking space, Mini Theater, Amphitheater, and more. For you to relish the wonders of nature, Architects have even planned a Farmhouse, Natural pool, Luxury pool, Theme Parks, Pet Park, Pond and so much more.

With amenities like these, home becomes a heaven. It’s time to say goodbye to congestion, traffic, pollution, chemicals and experience a life like no other at BIW in Tukkuguda.

To tell you in short, BIW villas are planned, conceptualised and built by the Architects themselves. BIW villa concepts promote self-sustainability as they are nature-inspired homes in the middle of unending greens. For the first time ever, your dream villa is half-customizable to match it to your personal taste of living.

What more? The amenities are carefully thought out to offer comfort, luxury, peace and greenery all around you.

We are set to render you speechless. Are you ready to witness something like never before? Talk to us to know more about it.