Green Architecture

Green Architecture - First of its Kind | Luxury Villas in Hyderabad

Post on October 15, 2021

If you are someone who loves green architecture and eco-conscious living, this place is perfect for you. Here is where your villas are planned in absolute greenery. Live in a home where every inch is thoughtfully designed and carefully rendered to settle for nothing less than a perfect nature-inspired home - Live in Bliss!

Live Where the Space is Spacious - Your Private World

There is an abundance of space around you at BIW. Space makes room for privacy as the villas are designed and set apart to serve quietness, peace and serenity. Live in an utterly spacious space. Now, even your cars get the attention they deserve. Experience everything large at Bliss in the Woods. (BIW)

Wake up to the Forest View - The Scenery Around is Scenic

Villas are designed to present a perfect blend of nature and living in a way that you never lose sight of the greens and the sky. Sustainability reflects in every aspect of architecture as we create a living where natural elements like a natural pool wrapped by the forest space make a stunning impression.

Your home is conceptualized in a way that it mirrors the sprawling greens and exposes you to the exteriors while serving all the privacy. Our architects make sure nothing obstructs your view of the limitless sky. The design lets an abundance of natural light fill your home, entirely.

Architecture Makes Luxury Exceptional Next to Nature

While connecting you with the warmth of the intriguing nature, BIW amplifies the essence of sustainable living coupled with luxurious lifestyle. For the wanderlust to turn your days into vacays, you always have the tourism park steps away from your home.

With lights, music and pools, life turns magical at this place. Your furry partners have a sweet surprise here. Your dogs and paw-partners can now go off-leash to exercise and play under the shade or the bright sky.

Blending Architecture with Sustainability

Walk into a home where you get crisp rays of sunlight, clear view of sky and fresh veggies from the organic farms - everything raw and natural. This, indeed, is a living like no other.

Starting from your exterior landscapes to the internal walls and floor planning, everything is given a polished urbanised and modernist finish to suit your choice of living. While retaining a sense of sophistication in the interiors, BIW is where you would relish the urban luxury and the most desired amenities right beside you.

Get a Generous Dose of Comfort and Peace

You can always treat yourself to comfort and unending peace by the GO 111 park. In addition to presenting a never-before view of nature, the forest and the parks are sure to influence your living in this green corner. Now, your children will find the most beautiful space to play hide-and-seek. A designed heaven for kids with recreational space and parks is here - they can’t get over this.

For those first-ever moments or the once-in-a-lifetime ones, this exquisite farmhouse is going to let you celebrate with ecstasy and delight making it unforgettable by the side of nature.

Are you ready to live where every corner is bliss? Let’s talk.