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Bliss In The Woods offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to live in the peaceful embrace of nature while enjoying the advantages of a premium urban life. Located adjacent to rich natural trails and biodiversity, you will experience tranquility and a deep connection with nature. Alongside this, you can enjoy the finest amenities and top-notch facilities that enhance your quality of life. Simultaneously, the convenience of Orr connectivity ensures easy access to the city while preserving the serenity of a natural sanctuary.

By choosing BIW, you can truly have it all - the bliss of nature, the excitement of an urban lifestyle, and sophisticated living spaces that exemplify luxury and comfort creating a harmonious balance between all.

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About Nest Makers

Nest Makers embarked on its journey with a profound vision - to create a lifestyle seamlessly intertwined with nature's essence. The mission is to offer urban dwellers the opportunity to relish the harmonious blend of nature's tranquility and the convenience of modern urban living. Through meticulously designed spaces, we bring forth a living experience where comfort, luxury, convenience, and captivating design converge, revealing the very best of nature.

A sneak peak into your blissful life

Projects Highlights

Bliss In The Woods offers a lifestyle that combines the best of both worlds, where residents can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature while enjoying the convenience and connectivity of urban living. Explore the various amenities and highlights of the project to get a deeper understanding.

450 Acres of
Nature’s Bliss
6+ Acres of
Open Space
300 Villas in
55 Acres of Space
The Architects
3 BHK - 4 BHK
Luxury Villas
A Piece Of Heaven
-Surrounded by The Eco-Tourism Park

BIW is embraced by 450-acres of eco-tourism park that elevates your living. The late evenings and nights at this park turn into a resort-like vacation experience with colossal panoramas, lights and water-side bars. The coolest scenes you'd ever see.

  • Sustainable Living
  • Organic Garden
  • Endemic Trees
Luxury of Space

The project magnifies the space plan with 6+ acres of open space. This space leaves you with infinite possibilities for recreation adding an element of flexibility to your lifestyle. Because more is always beautiful.

  • 6+ Acres of Open Space
  • Recreational Space
  • Green Corner
Theme Parks &
Exclusive Pet Park

The Architect Group has designed theme parks - one for every street to make fun and family time reserved for you. The outdoor pet park has hurdles, hoops and more to make it extra fun. The Project has wide open space reserved for cycling, skating and sports.

  • Sustainable Living
  • Organic Garden
  • Endemic Trees
Fun and Entertainment

The clubhouse is one-of-a-kind for every inch of luxury that it's designed with. It covers 50,000 sft of area and is integrated with a new-age ambience for everything you need a grand space for. Look up, you see the clubhouse again.

  • Clubhouse
  • Amphitheater
  • Farmhouse
  • Mini Theater
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Guest Rooms
  • Barbeque
  • Party Lawn
Luxury Pools and Ponds

Make room for some beach vibes and vacation fun with 2 man-made water bodies at BIW! These are specially designed with exotic fishes and beautiful lake plants to ease your long days.

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Natural Pond
A Masterpiece by the architects

The entire project layout is conceived, planned and built by a prominent architect firm from south India – The Bhosho Design Group who make villas half-customizable as per your personal taste. Get ready for a lifetime of wonder.

  • Developed by Architects
  • Half-customizable Villas
  • Landscaped Exteriors

One of the promising locations in the south of Hyderabad, Tukkuguda has the hottest investment hub with huge land parcels of government & government-promoted special economic zones, that has nearly 20 to 30% conservation pockets to promote greenery in the vicinity.
Other factor:
  • The site is rare with an elevation of 70 feet
  • Is adjacent to 450 Acres of Oxygen Park that’s rich with nature trails, biodiversity & panoramic views
  • And is very close to Outer Ring Road

It aims to inspire and facilitate a harmonious coexistence between individuals and the natural world. It’s dedicated to promoting self-sustainable luxury villas in Hyderabad with proximity to nature, allowing people to reconnect, and cultivate a lifestyle that is vibrant & eco-friendly.

Known for attracting affluent individuals, Bliss In The Woods' profusing vibrant community majorly constitutes doctors, I.T. heads, business owners, retirees, and more diverse residents from various walks of life.

Bliss In The Woods is designed to cater for the aspirations & preferences of every generation member of the family. Vastu, aesthetic exteriors & interiors, senior-friendly features, child-safe playing area & robust security & assistance, are all the facilities we can assure you’ll enjoy.


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  1.   Maheshwaram - 6 Mins
  2.   Schools & Institutions - 6 Mins
  3.   Hospitals/ Clinics - 6 Mins
  4.   Theaters/Restaurants - 5 Mins
  5.   Banks/ATMS - 5 Mins