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5 Reasons to Buy Your Dream Home in BIW- A Luxury Gated Villa Project @ Tukkuguda

Post on June 15, 2022

BIW is home to a new world filled with luscious landscapes and affluent amenities. Where magnificent views of nature and an abundance of space and greenery become your neighborhood.

Customize your Villas

Bliss in the Woods villas are perfectly customized to suit your personality. We design your home your way with the help of our in house architect team.

Nature in your Neighborhood

A world of calm and serenity, where there is no sign of lousy noises from the regular world. Bliss in the Woods project is designed with the extreme luxury of space in mind. This luxury villa community abutting to 450 acres of nature’s bliss, comprises 212 villas in 350 units of lush lands. So there will be plenty of space and greenery for each villa to feast your eyes on.

Luxurious Clubhouse Makes Moments Magical

There will be no end to entertainment and playtime with BIW’s one-of-a-kind clubhouse. This Clubhouse covers 50,000 sq ft of an area offering the best of luxury and leisure. Make every occasion unforgettable and grandiose at these luxury villas in Tukkuguda. The ambiance of the clubhouse makes celebrations come alive!

Park and Forests Elevate your Living

These luxury villas in Tukkuguda are surrounded by urban park and forest lands. Birds chirping and the refreshing smell of the soil resemble heaven on earth's ambiance. You can feel the richness of the forest and fresh winds with each and every breath.

Step into a Self-Sustainable Community

Get vegetables straight from our organic farming pockets. Lead a sustainable lifestyle with the help of eco-friendly urban living at BIW.

BIW, a luxury villa project in Tukkuguda, brings sustainability and modern luxury under one roof. It offers an eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on luxurious amenities.


Welcome home to luxury villas at Tukkuguda where you will experience the best of luxury and eco-friendly lifestyle. Every villa at BIW offers an abundance of space and lush green lands. BIW is the epitome of Urbanic luxury and living with nature. Explore more. (Give internal linking to this)