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Investment in Villas

Investing in Bliss in the Woods represents a strategic and lucrative real estate opportunity. This prime location of Tukkuguda, nestled in the vicinity of the Shamshabad Airport and the Outer Ring Road (ORR), is not only a hub of connectivity but also a promising zone for future growth and development.


Bliss in the Woods is strategically located in Tukkuguda, near Shamshabad Airport and Outer Ring Road (ORR).


The area is a transportation hub, ensuring easy access to the city center, job centers, and essential amenities.

Economic Potential

The presence of Shamshabad Airport indicates the potential for increased economic activity in the region.

Luxurious Villas

Bliss in the Woods offers customizable, luxurious villas for a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

Appreciation Potential

The property investment offers the potential for substantial appreciation over time.

Hyderabad Real Estate

A sound choice for capitalizing on Hyderabad's evolving real estate landscape.

Investment Opportunity

Consider investing in "Serenity" for a prosperous future.

Villa Investment

Explore the potential of investing in luxurious villas.

Future Prosperity

The investment in Serenity promises future abundance and growth.


450 Acres of
Nature’s Bliss


6+ Acres of
Open Space


300 Villas in
55 Acres of Space


The Architects




3 BHK - 4 BHK
Luxury Villas

The Promising Future at Tukkuguda

Tukkuguda, located in Hyderabad's South East Zone, is rapidly evolving into a sought-after real estate destination with a promising future. This transformation is attributed to significant infrastructural developments, including numerous ongoing and upcoming residential projects that cater to the diverse needs of homebuyers.

Infrastructure Boom

Ongoing residential projects and improved infrastructure are attracting homebuyers.


Tukkuguda offers commercial spaces, schools, dining, fitness, and banks, making it convenient.


Easy access to Shamshabad Airport and Outer Ring Road is boosting economic activity.

Data-Driven Decisions

Platforms like Property Adviser provide valuable data for informed choices.

Ideal for All

Tukkuguda is a compelling choice for residents and investors alike.

Hyderabad's Green Haven

Tukkuguda, Hyderabad's emerging eco-friendly hub, seamlessly intertwines urban convenience with nature's charm, offering a green haven for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

About NestMakers

Nest Makers' mission is to seamlessly blend nature's tranquility with modern convenience, offering promising investment opportunities. Each residence is curated to coexist with the outdoors, promising comfortable living and smart investments. Step into a world of enchantment as you explore our spaces, bringing the bliss of nature to your doorstep, promising both a beautiful living experience and secure investment potential.

"Bliss in the Woods
Nature's Harmony, Connectivity's Heart"

Our community embodies the perfect blend of nature and connectivity. We prioritize sustainability, creating an environment with lush green spaces, beautifully landscaped gardens, and serene water bodies for tranquility.

Our commitment to a greener tomorrow is woven into our community's fabric. We offer oxygen-rich air, expansive green views, chemical-free food, and promote an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Located just 10 minutes from ORR, 30 minutes from the Financial Corridor, and 15 minutes from the International Airport, Bliss in the Woods combines connectivity with spacious living in nature's embrace. Experience true bliss with us.

Projects Highlights
at Bliss in the Woods

Bliss In The Woods offers a lifestyle that combines the best of both worlds, where residents can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature while enjoying the convenience and connectivity of urban living. Explore the various amenities and highlights of the project to get a deeper understanding.


Close to Nature

Experience eco-friendly living next to rich forest land, creating an enchanting eco-paradise.


Villa Elevation

Curated villas offer a refreshing ambience with a constant flow of fresh air and a vibrant setting.


Central Park

A lush central park with abundant green spaces for nature therapy and rejuvenation.


Mini Theatre

Experience cinematic wonder in a majestic mini-theatre with impeccable sightlines and acoustics.


Eco-Tourism Park

Elevate your lifestyle with a vast eco-tourism park that transforms into a resort-like haven, offering breathtaking panoramas and unforgettable memories.


Theme Parks

Enjoy quality family time with theme parks thoughtfully placed throughout the community.



A specially designed outdoor space for your furry friends to play and have fun.


Rooftop Cycling
and Skating

Unique rooftop facilities for cycling and skating, enhancing leisure and entertainment options.


Recreational Space

Dedicated areas for cycling, skating, and sports, ensuring active play and exploration for all ages.


Customizable Villas

Collaborate with architects to create a home uniquely yours, reflecting your style and aspirations in every detail.


Pet Playground

A specially designed outdoor space for your furry friends to play and have fun.


Serene Ponds

Relax by two exquisite man-made water bodies featuring aquatic flora for a soothing oasis.

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Profiles of Bliss in the Woods Investors

  1. IT Professional
    45 +

  2. CEO & CXO level
    27 +

  3. Government & PSU Employees
    12 +

  4. NRI's
    23 +

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  1.   Maheshwaram - 6 Mins
  2.   Schools & Institutions - 6 Mins
  3.   Hospitals/ Clinics - 6 Mins
  4.   Theaters/Restaurants - 5 Mins
  5.   Banks/ATMS - 5 Mins