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Bliss in the Woods-Redefining Eco-friendly lifestyle through Luxury Residential Spaces

Post on July 15, 2022

Bliss in the Woods believes that an eco-friendly lifestyle combined with luxury villas is a sign of an elevated lifestyle. Living in an eco-conscious environment helps us to reduce our environmental footprint for a better tomorrow. Its residential spaces offer the best of nature and luxury for generations to come.

Every aspect of the project complements the environment around. The community boasts green landscapes and aesthetically pleasing villas. Villas are not only designed with the intention of offering luxury but also inspiring people to live an eco-responsible lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Every morning becomes magnificent as the sunlight shines through the green landscapes. Refreshing air fills your lungs with every breath. Bliss in the Woods is filled with nature-centred amenities that soothe your body and mind equally.

Our self-sustainable community (Social farming pockets) encourages you to switch to organic foods. Vegetables and fruits from our farm increase one’s appetite for the vegan lifestyle. Organic food provides you with numerous physical and mental benefits.

Adding More to Life

The sustainable community features several luxurious amenities for leisure and fun. From customized villas to indoor pools, Bliss in the woods strives to add more to life through its efforts. Hype the dose of fun and entertainment with an exhilarating mini- theatre. The supreme acoustic and architecture of the mini-theatre heighten the thrill and feel of visuals on the screen.

The luxurious clubhouse complements the villas in Bliss in the Woods. Its ambience makes every moment memorable. The clubhouse is the perfect place to provide hospitality to your guests.

Being a Part of the Solution

Bliss in the Woods is intelligently conceptualized and built to be a part of the solution. A solution that we all need for living a sustainable future and reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. Luxury and leisure spots in the community are designed with the help of nature as their core aspect. The luxury villas in the community are surrounded by nature, elevating the ambience and aesthetic look.

BIW is thoughtful and committed to changing the world through its eco-friendly efforts. They believe in the importance of environmental sustainability in order to have economic stability and social cohesion.


Bliss in the Woods envisions building a community that takes pride in living amidst nature with the finest amenities. We welcome you to join the sustainability revolution by living in villas surrounded by nature and luxury amenities at Tukkuguda, Bliss in the Woods.