BIW in Tukkuguda Has No Match in Hyderabad

BIW in Tukkuguda Has No Match in Hyderabad And How?

Post on August 15, 2022

Well, finding a luxury villa or a 2 BHK apartment drenched in luxury is no big deal in Hyderabad. What’s the great catch, then? Imagine for a while with us. A private space, a king-size luxury villa - customized to measure up to your high-end lifestyle. Greenery peeking into your home. An extra-large parking space. Parks in every street.

Here’s what’s unique about BIW.

Only 6 Villas Per Acre - Luxury Villas in Tukkuguda

What you see here is rare. We’ve played with proportions to elevate the sense of spaciousness. How? In contrast to what you find everywhere else, i.e., 9-10 villas per acre, you'll have only 6 villas per acre here. Isn’t that great?

Each street has a cul de sac, and is planned out on a step-style gradual elevation. What’s more? There will be organic farming pockets in the premise where endemic trees are beautifully landscaped. Now, your space will have more green space.

Floor Plans - Perfection Per Square Feet

A floor plan that sets nature and luxury in aesthetically flawless dimensions. A dramatic entrance greets you inside and invites the morning sun to light up the entire villa. Not just that, you wake up to unobstructed views of spellbinding nature across miles.

Luxury villas are planned with up to 45% to 60% exterior gardening space. Also, there is a luxurious amount of space for parking and separate vehicle entries.

Villa Elevation - For A Fresh Breath of Air

Villas will have an airy and vibrant setting for you to experience vacation feels all year round. Space in and around your villa has been beautifully designed for cross-ventilation, unending views of nature and perfect doses of sunlight. Life gets more colorful now.

Rooftop Open-Air Amphitheater - A Stunning Oasis

The 50,000 sq ft Imperial Clubhouse has luxury redefined with a rooftop amphitheater. Organize work parties, events and more where the never-before views of nature wrap you from all around.

Not just this. There is more. And we want you to experience bliss all by yourself. Time has come to live in bliss. Know more.